Vice-presidential debate was a little feisty: Tim Kaine

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine has said that the debate with Republican rival Mike Pence was “feisty” and acknowledged that his opponent despite being a pretty good debater could not defend Donald Trump.

“The debate was a little feisty. I mean, I got to admit, I am Irish,” Kaine said at an election rally in Pennsylvania.
Media analysts and political experts said that he lost the debate with his Republican rival Mike Pence. Kaine said his opponent is a pretty good debater.

“He came in really wanting to lay some gloves on Hillary Clinton and didn’t get to do anything. Didn’t get to do anything. Yeah. I’ve never played hockey, but I think I’d be a good goalie based on last night. Nothing – nothing was going in the net last night,” he said.

Even though Pence is a pretty good debater, he could not defend Donald Trump on anything, Kaine alleged.

Kaine criticised Pence for his inability to defend his running mate’s positions in the debate, adding “There is one thing (Pence) can’t do, and that is defend Donald Trump on anything. On anything Mike Pence(…)You are Donald Trump’s running mate. And I’m putting these things down on the table and I’m asking you to defend them, and you won’t defend them. If you can’t defend your own running mate, how can you ask one person to vote for your running mate? One person?”

“On anything. And so, again and again and again during the debate, I would say something that Trump said. I said, I can’t believe that Governor Pence will defend that. And he wouldn’t defend it. And so we went one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine a bunch of times when I put that out there, and each time he thought about it and said, ‘I’d rather talk about something else’,” he said.

Kaine acknowledged that he was a bit interruptive during the debate.

“I got dinged a little bit even by my wife for like interrupting too much. Okay. But the key part of that debate was, at some points I felt like both me and Mike Pence were debating Donald Trump,” he noted.

“I was going after Donald Trump, and Mike Pence kind of was going after Trump with me. And I can’t imagine that that made the Donald too happy. So there may have been some interesting conversations about that today on the other side of the aisle. But we weren’t just there to debate. It’s not just sitting around trading words. We were talking about pretty important issues, pretty important issues. Some of the things I was challenging them about are issues that are really at the heart of the campaign,” he said.


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